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Avi additives are the Best Calcium Filler masterbatch Manufacturers in India. We utilize highly experienced approaches to absorb CaCO3 and Talc in products without dust. Our fillers are allowed to amend production and also accelerate productivity. Our Calcium filler masterbatches have actually little carbon when it comes to the end product.Our fillers are permitted in a way that helps in achieving performance and boost productivity. Our Calcium Filler Masterbatch offers advantages for reducing carbon in the finished product.. Among main benefits of calcium Filler are cost savings, efficiency gains, better products quality and eco-friendly advantages. This masterbatch alone is normally not used for colouring plastics, used together with white TiO2 based masterbatch to facilitates white pigment dispersion.

Filler masterbatch finds various applications in thermoplastic resins. Our polypropylene compounds are filled with calcium carbonate accordingly advancing severity. In PVC, calcium carbonate is employed with adjustable admixtures similar to wire, tubing, cable insulation, gloves, and rigorous compounds similar to extruded pipes, tubes, and window profiles.