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Colour Masterbatch Exporter India

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Avi additives Pvt. Ltd is the notorious Colour Masterbatch Exporter India. extensively effective range of base materials goes into the manufacture of high quality masterbatch. Established in 2006, we engage well-founded manufacturing practices and our unit is ISO- certified.As the demand for colour masterbatch is increasing in most of the industries, manufacturers need to provide better solutions to end-users. We provide tailor-made solution and develop colour masterbatch, as per user demand.We work with many customers to know their challenges and then we chalk out precise solutions for your business. To provide convention services, we have a devoted team of technical experts with appropriate experience who work on customer satisfication..

With an broad range of colors at your disposal, our color bank is certain to satisfy your color needs. Avi additives are recognized for furnishing a exact color match within the shortest time duration. With a gang of skillful colorists onboard and a well- qualified laboratory consisting the most smart color matching devices, our R&D crew is bound to provide a broad range of color solutions for engineering plastics.