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Avi additives Pvt. Ltd is an evident top most 10 Colour Masterbatch Exporters for plastics in the country. We’re universally honoured for our groundbreaking, multi-inventive infrastructure and high-end technology solutions for the manufacturers of high-quality Masterbatches. customers can also choose from a broad range of colors or can likewise offer their colour code. Our colour masterbatches have various properties that cannot be established in any distinct masterbatch manufacturing company in the country.Avi additives collaborate with customers to formulate the colours you envision for your products, and have the plastics processing expertise to help you colour and manufacture your products efficiently.

Being the leading high grade Colour Masterbatch Exporters for plastics, we have a huge range of color databases consisting of over 5000 colors. We similarly engage state-of-the-art equipment to evolve polymer-distinct masterbatches. This is why we can deliver a truly exact color. Normally, a masterbatch is a tough plastic additive that’s generally used for coloring plastics or adding other colorful properties to plastics.