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Colour Masterbatches Manufacturers

Masterbatch Manufacturers India

Established 15 years ago, Avi additives are reputed to be the topmost Colour Masterbatches Manufacturers in India. We bring engaging hued colors to plastic applications. We give thousands of shades in colour masterbatches, with a broad picking of standard colors obtainable from the range. We also deliver colours capable for outdoor applications, with a UV resistant, high light fort, high heat resistant distinct conditions.The colour masterbatches have the capability to modify colour, add value, and define form and function. Due to the various advantages provided by masterbatches , they play a vital role in imparting properties to plastic items. Being in the industry for more decades, it becomes our moral responsibility to accent and on the process of selecting the right Masterbatch by managing all parameters. Choosing the perfect masterbatch to produce the best products is always a duty, but if you choose us, our industry specialists are always there for you to choose the best Masterbatch that perfectly fits your product.

For customer-specific needs, we give color matching services — matching the color to product requirements. Our high-grade colour masterbatches determine a broad range of applications in the plastic industry.