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Food Grade Masterbatch

Masterbatch Manufacturers India

Avi additives Pvt. Ltd is considered to be one of the top Food Grade Masterbatch manufacturers in Hyderabad. A key player in the masterbatch industry in Hyderabad, Avi additives Pvt. Ltd has a rich experience of over 15 years in the manufacture of high purity and high-quality masterbatch. This masterbatch is made of imported high-quality carbon black, various new resin and imported  additives.Because of Made using high-quality product, the masterbatch product is designed particularly for food grade plastic containers. Plastics are sensitive to degradation by UV light and must be therefore protected when exposed to solar radiation. Offered food grade masterbatch improves the consistency of the pigment and helps in preserving chemical stability of the pigment.

A masterbatch that can be used in food-grade plastics like plastic containers, lunch boxes, storage jars, etc can be called as a Food Grade Masterbatch. This masterbatch comes in a wide range of colors though white and black are the most preferred ones. Our colour masterbatches has good quality stability and excellent dispersion. It can be directly used together with mixed resin as it doesn’t contaminate the container. It is environmentally friendly too.