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Inorganic Color Masterbatch Exporters

Masterbatch Manufacturers India

Established in 2006, Avi additives Pvt. Ltd has been the topmost Inorganic Color Masterbatch Exporters in India, Hyderabad. This is because a extensively efficient range of materials is enormously applied to manufacture the masterbatch formulations. Our colour masterbatch are remarked for their modesty, quality, effectiveness, and long- lasting features. Our extensively skillful R&D team continuously inspects and updates the existing range. With the application of properties for plastic products, colour masterbatches are employed a lot in film, extrusion, injection moulding, trickling. We’re gratified to deliver clienteles with the highest quality masterbatch with owing physical and chemical properties apt for use in various plastic fabrication technologies.

We’re well-knowledged in the process and advertising of inorganic dyes. A masterbatch is a plastic statement that contains additives that improve the look and version of the product in which it’s appended. commonly, inorganic compounds prepared in labs are applied in the raw material of a masterbatch. The colors that are applied in the masterbatch have features like cheap dispersion, high-temperature resistance, and high opacity.