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Inorganic Color Masterbatches

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established 15 years back, Avi additives Pvt. Ltd has been the leading Inorganic Color Masterbatches manufacturers in India, Hyderabad. We’re nominated as leading due to our massively effective range of color masterbatch manufactured using expensive quality raw materials. Our masterbatches are reputed for modesty, quality, efficacy, and long-lasting features. Our top-most skilled R&D team frequently inspects and updates the existing portfolio products.Colour Masterbatches is the most cost-effective strategy to colour masterbatch plastics and can be delivered in small volumes. In the diverseness of application and wide range of soft products, the colour chart is also very extended, each colour has many shades.

We produce inorganic masterbatches with entire formulations. A masterbatch is a plastic formulation consisting of additives used for enhancing the look and performance of the product in which it’s used. Generally, any type of non food-grade masterbatch uses inorganic compounds prepared in labs. Our masterbatches have awesome features like cheap dispersal, high-temperature resistance, and high obliqueness. We can truly furnish a quality certainty certificate and spectrometer color report if requested. To avail premium quality masterbatches from the leading Inorganic Color Masterbatches manufacturers, pick your phone and give us a call.