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For the best Manufacturer Of Colour Additives in India,Hyderabad contact Avi Additives Pvt. Ltd. We ensure the best services and timely delivery for our clients both in India and abroad. Established in 2006, we have emerged to be one of the top leading masterbatch manufacturers in Hyderabad owing to our good reputation, good manufacturing practices, and quality and purity of our products.

We at Avi additives have developed a large range of Additive masterbatches to enhance the already existing properties of commodity & engineering plastics. Our colour masterbatches help in improving the appearance and performance of the end product. Being a leading Manufacturer of Colour Additives in India, Avi additives provides a wide range of Additive masterbatches for various applications. Our Performance additives include slip, anti-block, UV- protection, anti fog, antioxidant, and processing aid properties. Our filler masterbatches are very much suitable for the thermoplastics Industry.

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Usage/ApplicationInjection Molding
BrandAvi Additives
ColourVarious colours
Packaging Size25 KG
Melting PointHigh
Carbon Content40%
  • It is incompatible with PO and acts as a lubricant.
  • Improve Polymer flow in extrusion.
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduces backpressure
  • No gel formation
  • Improves surface finish and gloss
  •   Quicker color changeover & reduces machine startup time
  • Power consumption effectively reduces